HILL 70 Memorials

We are honoured to provide information on our website in order to increase public awareness of the battle known as Hill 70 in WWI, and specifically the soldiers from the Smiths Falls, ON and surrounding area. We provide the following brief biographies as prepared by the history students of Smiths Falls District Collegiate Institute under the instruction of Blake Seward, who has been instrumental in the public awareness campaign behind the Hill 70 Foundation. For further information, please contact Blake Seward through the high school.

Smiths Falls, ON

Sidney Holland, Corporal                                                      John David Ross, Private

Frank Everet Morrissey, Private                                            George Field, Private

Merrickville, ON

Edward Donnick Roche, Private                                           John Clinton, Private

Richard Norman Watt, Private

Cornwall, ON

Stephen Arthur Tyo, Private                                                  Laurence Edgar Abbott, Private

Brockville, ON

George Dunbar Acton, Corporal