About Us

At 4 Degrees Brewing & Distilling, our story is one of partnership and shared vision. Founded through a collaboration of passionate individuals with a deep love for craft beer and spirits, our journey mirrors the spirit of community and camaraderie that defines Smiths Falls.

The original 4 Degrees Brewing Company was the first brewing company located in Smiths Falls, Ontario where all five owners at the time lived and worked. Their goal? To bring craft brewing to the heart of the Rideau Canal.

Today, our partnership is built on a foundation of mutual respect and a commitment to excellence, allowing us to create more exceptional brews and spirits that embody the essence of our town. Together, we strive to not only offer remarkable products but also to foster a welcoming space where friends and neighbors can come together to celebrate life’s moments, big and small. Join us at 4 Degrees Brewing & Distilling and become a part of our story.