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Explore the diverse range of 4 Degrees Brewing’s craft beers, from the crisp Northern Pilsner and smooth Southern Lager to the robust Coffee Stout and vibrant Eastern IPA. Don’t miss our refreshing Western Wheat Ale and the uniquely flavorful Spunky Monkey Radler, each offering a distinct taste of our brewing passion and creativity.

Northern Pilsner

5% Alcohol

Our Northern pilsner has the signature golden straw colour, bitter taste, excellent head retention, and floral hop flavour and aroma that embodies the full nature of this European lager beer style. Its crisp, clean flavour is ripe with a bready maltiness that’s perfectly balanced with a distinct hop character. Bitterness is prominent but never harsh.

Eastern IPA

6.4% Alcohol

Our Eastern IPA is a classic New England IPA with big juicy tropical fruit aromas and flavours and all the classic intense silky smooth full-bodied IPA hoppiness. It has the typical IPA haziness and pale colour with a mild, neutral malt character. It ends with a light, clean finish on the palate.

Southern Lager

4% Alcohol

Straw coloured with mild malt flavour and low hop bitterness. Has a clean, crisp flavour with a hint of hop aroma. An easy drinking beer that calls out for another.

Western Wheat Ale

5% Alcohol

Our Western Wheat is brewed in the German Weissbier style. It’s smooth, creamy, and cloudy with notes of banana, toffee, and clove, and stands a nice foamy head that releases the aroma of the beer. The flavour profile has hints of exotics spices and fruits. It has a moderate hop bitterness that balances the luscious malt character. Definitely a highly refreshing Summer beer.


7% Alcohol

An easy-drinking beer with a light earthy hop nose and a medium malt aroma with a fruity ester character. The body is surprisingly light for this comparatively high-alcohol beer. The finish is dry and balanced.

Coffee Stout

5.5% Alcohol

Pronounced coffee and dark-roasted malt flavours that contain hints of cocoa and licorice, and lot of fruit esters from the fermentation. This is a very malty but crisp tasting beer. Light-bodied and smooth with a semisweet but slightly dry finish.

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We are on tap in various locations across Ontario. Click the link below a list of current bars and restaurants!